Quality promise

Functionality and quality.

Products are only as good as they can function reliably. As a result, we consider the toughest commercial vehicle uses before we list a product. We test and set high standards that they will probably never see in practice. And we do so because there is nothing more troublesome in business than a complaint – both for you and for us.
Our years of expertise in the commercial vehicle sector help us in this regard. You receive quality that is quite hard to come by. WPK products provide an ideal value for the money. Put us to the test!

Time is money.

And we promise that “We will quickly get you back on the road”.
Whether standard goods or customised special solutions or a combination of both – our employees always focus on solving your problem and ensuring that you are perfectly equipped.

Knowledge is power.

You are a professional. You know that: The market for commercial vehicle parts is huge and constantly changing. As a result, all WPK customer advisors are not only well-trained in the field of commercial vehicles but also in niche topics. Only then can we consistently and purposefully reconfigure the WPK thematic fields of metal, plastic, hydraulics, safety, and load securing. And by doing so, your fleet will be equipped to state-of-the-art standards.

Unfortunately, international marketplaces often lack solutions that both reflect your special wishes and our concept of quality. Because of this, we have set up an excellent network of manufacturers and technological solutions providers over the years. It allows us
to offer a true innovation if needed, even in day-to-day business. And we can do so from a single source, and with our signature.